Wednesday, 19 March 2008

In Other News...

  • First and foremost - Happy Birthday Philip Roth!

  • Arthur C. Clarke died at the age of 90 in his home in Sri Lanka.

  • Another great man, Philip Jones Griffiths, has passed away on Tuesday.

  • The BBC tells me that Shin-Bet has launched a blog. Isn't that a little absurd? Counterintuitive? Reading just the headline, I thought that this would contain either somewhat factual accounts...

    "Today, we spent 18 hours sitting in an unmarked car at an undisclosed location, waiting for our subject to make an appearance. Nothing happened. Between us, we had 12 cups of coffee and 8 sandwiches. Nothing continued to happen."

    ...or some intern's opportunity for Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu-esque wish fulfillment...

    "My backup was delayed, so I was forced to single-handedly clear out the Hamas command centre/Hizbollah stronghold, using nothing but my trusty Uzis. After I had run out of ammunition, I had to rely solely on my superior Krav Maga skills to neutralize the six men who were still on their feet. Just another day at the office, I always say."

    ...but it turns out the whole thing is just a boring ol' recruitment drive. I'm so disappointed.

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