Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dirty Words

Spot the contradiction, anyone?

"I am by no means a feminist, but I am definitely for equal rights."

Kelly Clarkson, during a visit to Austria for the Women's World Awards Gala.


  1. *headdesk*

    [PS: gotcha. :) You want me to advertise?]

  2. ... this is not as contradictory as you think....

    Many women are afraid to call themselves "feminists" because the word "feminist" was successfully turned into a pejorative by anti-feminists.

    Wanting equal rights, demanding the same respect as men -- sure, women agree.
    But being a feminist... this sounds so angry. So aggressive. So not getting-a-man and hating men. So not-shaving-your-leg-hair. And who would want to be associated with something as unpleasant as that.

    The anti-feminist league won this battle long ago. Maybe finding a new word for "feminism" is what would get more people declare themselves feminists.

  3. I agree with you (although I'd try to get the word back before giving it up and finding a new one) - see the title of the post.